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Blog » Convention Uses Trusted Demographics Tool to Plant Churches

Convention Uses Trusted Demographics Tool to Plant Churches

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With over 3,500 churches, the Georgia Baptist Convention makes it their mission to bring the Gospel to the people in their state. But with 10.6 million people in Georgia to reach and a specific goal to connect with ethnic minorities, the convention and its churches needed a way to easily identify people in an area who might fit with their outreach initiatives.

Over 40% of people in Georgia classify themselves as an ethnic minority, making identifying people in those target ethnic groups essential. 

“Back in the day when people were planting churches, especially language-based, ethnic churches, you’d get out the phone book and rip out the pages with all of the last names you’re looking for, and you would use that as your prospect list,” says Tom Crites, research consultant, Georgia Baptist Convention. “MissionInsite is so much better at identifying prospects. It saves time and energy, and we’re able to zero in and target folks who might be added to a local congregation.”

By using the surname search option within MissionInsite, the Georgia Baptist Convention is able to help their church leaders and planters track people in their mission fields and understand how to extend their communities to reach people in key demographics.

“Any time we plant an ethnic church, we look at MissionInsite first to identify prospects for that ministry,” Tom says. “Recently, we had a Vietnamese church that was relaunching after seeing their community change over the years. After studying the area, we identified a couple hundred possible Vietnamese families. We saw several families come to the Lord because of that information.”

One of the biggest concerns ministries have when pulling information on target demographics is being able to trust the data.

“We hear from organizations using other tools asking us to help them identify prospects for their ministries,” Tom says. “MissionInsite is the best tool for identifying lifestyle information, and I am very confident that we are getting the information we need to support our churches. I trust the information we pull.”

With so many churches to support, Tom is using MissionInsite almost every day.

“MissionInsite was designed by church leaders for church work,” Tom says. “It is simple to use and is faithful to its purpose of serving the church. Other products identify market groups but are designed for businesses. MissionInsite takes into consideration things that the church considers and serves the church better than any other system.”

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