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Blog » Customer Support: The People Behind the Scenes

Customer Support: The People Behind the Scenes

Hi Friends,
Let me introduce myself … My name is Kenny Watts. I am one member of the team of Contact Center Supervisors who manages various support teams for ACS Technologies. My primary role focuses my efforts on the Megachurch Client Program, but our team works together to the build systems and process flows which manage interactions of all types for our customers. Ours is a heavily customized system designed to cater to the specific needs of a vast array of customer types. As a group, our goal is to quickly help direct every customer to the team that can best support you, our valued client.
About me: I am the type of person whose inner self wants to be leading a strong charge ministering to people. I also want to be the type of person fully capable of teaching and training others. However,  in the real world, I find that I sometimes get in my own way in doing the aforementioned tasks effectively. My brother, by amazing contrast, is a preacher, and full-time school teacher. I admire these things about him, but I find myself most effective in doing things that support his efforts. I want to believe that, at times, I work harder behind his efforts to support his initiatives that he does in actually delivering them on his own.
Regardless, here’s what I’m sure of: it is the collective efforts of the seen and the unseen that ultimately delivers in the fullest. Although my role is that of the unseen, I am fine with that. I am very comfortable and content in being that guy. I cannot help but think that this is why I am in a career path in which most of the service I provide to others is done through channels where I never get the opportunity to shake the hand of the recipient. We may never look into each other’s eyes, or share a smile of appreciation. Yet, I know that at the heart of it all, the efforts of our support teams are helping you deliver ministry to the masses.
The channels I mentioned are numerous, with some being very technical, and some, not so much. The ones that are the strongest are the ones that are only technical in thinking; the staff of our company. As our most valued resource and partners, our support team members constantly impress me with how they serve you. They glean the needs of our customers as much from the mood of the interaction and what isn’t said as from the obvious words and feelings that are shared. These folks are intuitive, perceptive, empathetic, and willing. They are experienced, creative, and dedicated. They are, above all else, committed to helping further God’s Kingdom in a manner that is useful as a tool of the caller. Whether by phone, by email, by chat, or by any other means … call on us, and we will be there for you.
In future articles, I hope to share some stories of how our lives have helped to touch the lives of your members and congregants. You will hear a little about the people I interact with here within ACS Technologies, and you will hear about other people, much like you, who have benefited from their efforts. And though the results we deliver are not delivered in a box with a bow, or even by courier, the impact is far-reaching and real. The gifts we were given are used and repackaged as gifts you can re-gift, again and again. Through means that your church body may not even realize, we deliver our impact on you, which then manifests itself into the most meaningful gifts of all – helping our fellow man when in need. I love this plan we share.
Kenny Watts


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