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Customize Giving Forms

Realm Printing Labels in Realm

Being able to accept online donations for various ministries in your church is essential in today’s world. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have multiple giving forms designed to match the branding of your church and ministries? Realm® eGiving allows you to do just that. 

Easily set up giving forms that have custom funds, colors, logos, and much more. You can have as many giving forms as you’d like. Missions, youth, fundraisers, and other ministries can each have their own giving form design making it easy for the donor to know exactly what they are contributing to and why.

You can edit the header and subheading of each giving form to clearly designate where your congregation’s giving is going. People will give more when they feel a personal connection to the cause, and you can easily define that on each giving form. Realm will automatically send a customizable “thank you” message as well. Be sure to let contributors know how much you appreciate their generosity.

Customized giving forms will give your donors a more personal experience as they donate to your ministries while allowing you to share the importance of their gifts.

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