Realm Online Giving for Churches

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Accept all modern options for giving.

Our comprehensive approach to online giving for churches covers everything you need within the big picture of giving: single or recurring electronic payments, pledges, donor management, fund management, batch entry, check scanning, self-service contribution statements, and reporting.

With the most flexible payment methods, we have never been more equipped to serve all church online giving needs. Our church eGiving has 6 different ways to give so you can keep your church up-to-date with changing technology.


Accept payments virtually anywhere and any time.


Enable people to give to your church from the mobile app.


Quickly scan checks and enter them in batches.


Make it super easy for anyone to give immediate donations.


Track and enter cash amounts even if it's a little old school.


Give people the opportunity to track giving toward target amounts.

Realm offers ways to give 24/7 via text, mobile, and online. You can encourage your members and visitors to give during church via text where they can then set up recurring payments if they want. The church giving app makes giving from mobile devices easy as members can give whenever they want whether they’re at the grocery store, in church, or at work. Both mobile and online methods provide ways to contribute pledges which is especially important during campaigns. The online site also allows members to check their giving history and modify recurring payments if needed.

Online Giving

Accept offerings 24/7.

With online giving in Realm®, you can accept one-time or recurring gifts using debit cards, credit cards, or eChecks (ACH).* All gifts made online immediately show up in the individual’s giving history, along with any other online, text, or offline contributions.

*ACH not available in Canada.

Giving screenshots
Giving screenshots

Mobile Giving

Giving is never out of reach.

People can give online with their mobile phones by signing into Realm from their mobile browser. Realm also takes advantage of mobile phone cameras. You can generate QR codes for people to scan (to link directly to give online), and iPhone users can save time by scanning a credit card to quickly enter their payment method.

Pledge Campaigns

Meet ministry needs faster.

Raise money for important ministry needs by accepting pledges for a particular fund during a specified date range. Pledges may be added within the campaign dates, and you can choose whether to allow prepayments and post-payments to the pledge. When people make a contribution to that fund during the campaign period, the gifts will be added to the campaign total.

Contributions screenshots
Giving screenshots

Donor Pledging

Back commitments with follow-through.

Staff can enter and manage donor pledges or give donors the ability to create and maintain their own contribution pledges, including pledging to multiple campaigns or funds, start and end dates, and more.

Giving is a critical part of the church and an important step in the spiritual journey. Providing flexible options to give helps engage with your church members more to ensure they feel like their needs are being met.

Feature Highlights

Our solutions expand beyond online giving so we can help you meet needs across the board. Church eGiving is merely one tool out of thirteen provided in Realm, which is the top choice for church management software. We even have software built specially for Catholic churches and dioceses. Parish Data Systems is designed with several different Catholic church management solutions to fit the unique needs of the church.