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Blog » Day in the Life of an ACS Support Representative

Day in the Life of an ACS Support Representative

Today’s blog is a journal recorded by Myra Bazen who works in the customer support department.  If you have ever called ACS for help with the financial applications, you may have talked with Myra. Here is how her day went (Note: I added a few comments in italics).
Arrived at 8am out of breath after making myself take the stairs.   I went to the weekly Financial Support Meeting.  Tammy and Brandon were special guest.  They have been working with support and the vendor for our knowledge base to make sure the reps are able to get the articlesinformation they need from the program.  This has been beneficial to me.  We also talked about the Team LeadRep relationship.  We received a presentation from a Team Lead and a Support Rep on things that each need from the other to get the information needed for the client in an accurate and timely manner.  We had a hands on demonstration from 6 volunteers showing how essential good communication is between the two.  That was a lot of fun.
I received a call at 9:12 am from Tamara at Sixth Mt. Zion Baptist Temple.  She said she received Financial Support because she made the wrong selection and she needed People Support.  Transferred her to People Support.
Note: 9-10 am is a good time to call – no waiting
Next call at 9:42 am from Jan.  She was trying to merge vendors and it was asking for a backup.  She said they made a backup last night.  Explained it should be immediately preceding the merge and the system is looking for that.
At 9:55 am I received a call from Denise at Christ of the Redeemer.  She had received a check from an investment account and will deposit it into her main checking account and wanted to know how to record that in the program. I helped her make her entry.
Sheldon called at 10:11 am from Greater St. Stephen full Gospel Baptist Church.  He wanted to sort his Accounts payable checks in as entered order before he printed them.  I gave him instructions on how to do that.
I received my fifth call at 10:28 am from Amanda from Rosemont Baptist Church.  She was reconciling her bank statement and had an on going problem from last month.  I helped her understand how to handle one transaction and left her to do a little more research on an out of balance of 20 cents.  .
It was time for break.  I ran upon Pam and Amanda talking about Financial Peace (ACS is providing the Dave Ramsey’s class for all employees).  By the way, that class has been so beneficial to me and my husband.
We were discussing the story he told this week of the young man who lost his fight with cancer.  Pam shared with us about another co-worker who dealing with cancer.  I was so sorry to hear that.  I took a quick walk around campus.  It had not gotten real hot yet and there was a nice breeze.  I always encounter other walkers.
After break my first call was from Ken at 11:05 am – Pawley’s Island Presbyterian Church in S. C.  I was in Pawley’s Island a couple of week ends ago.  He had some questions about the activity in his Due to-from account.  I “desktopped” to take a look.  While we were connecting, he mentioned that he enjoyed the system and it was easy for him to find things.  Went to inquiry and determined the year end closing entries were in the account.  They should have gone into his Fund Principal account.  Took him to GLSetup and he changed the account number.  He said he would make a journal entry to the 13th month to move the entries to his Fund Principal account.
My seventh call came in from Linda – First Baptist Christian Academy.  She had written some checks that were in last year’s budget (Ending July) in August.  She wanted to know if she should void them and put them in July.  Explained they are written in August and she needs to determine if it is more important for her books to reflect the correct information or for the budget to balance.  Explained, for future reference, they should consider how many payrolls will be within the budget period and budget accordingly.  Referred her to the person she answers to and possibly an accountant before she voids the checks and re-enters them.
My next call was from Wanda 11:41 am from – Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church.  She had processed her payroll.  All employees participate in direct deposit.  However, one employee processed as a check.  She had corrected the employee record and wants to know what to do next.  Had her reset payroll.  Explained it would save her time sheets and she was glad of that.  Told her to proceed as normal and this time it would include the employee in the file.
My ninth call came from Janice 11:46 am – Wyoming southern Baptist Convention.  She was doing payroll.  Everyone is direct deposit.  She had added a new employee a couple of weeks ago and submitted a pre-notification file for him.  When she created my file today, she forgot to change it to a balanced file.  She said she had posted.  Explained she would have to re-enter the time sheets, process the payroll journal again and re-create the file.  Told her to reset payroll after creating the file.
Linda from St. James Episcopal Church called at 11:54 am.  Her computer hung up in the middle of creating her ACH file.  She said she could not do anything.  Desktopped with her and ended the program through the task manager.  Did some maintenance including table maintenance and she could create her file.
Well, it appears a lot of client’s are doing payroll today.  Time for lunch!!!
So far Myra has had a busy day with 10 calls.  Stay tuned for another blog for what happens the rest of the her day.

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