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Dear Church Staff, Thank You

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Dear Church Staff, Thank you for being the heartbeat of the church. You have kept operations running in this uncertain time. 

Thank you for coming up with new ideas on how we can bring glory to God even when we can’t meet in person. Thank you for thinking outside of the box. You’ve come up with ways to grow the Kingdom in our new normal. Thank you for evolving and adapting. 

Thank you for learning to work remotely. We can get comfortable in our routines and it’s hard to change those ways. You’ve succeeded in still running the church while not being there. 

Thank you for sacrificing your time and energy. When you could have been marking off everything on your personal to-do list, you now work day and night to make our drive-in worship, online service, etc.  happen. 

Thank you for answering all of the phone calls. Teaching us how to give online and how to watch the live-streamed church service. Thank you for keeping us together even when we aren’t physically together. Thank you for the countless hours of learning then taking the time teaching us. 

Thank you for praying for our church family, the nation, and the world during this pandemic. Your prayers work miracles.   

Our church could have fallen apart but you have held us together. Your dedication, commitment, and courage to serve the church is more than we could ever ask for. We cannot thank you enough.


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  1. Avatar for Olivia B

    This is absolutely beautiful! I am the Office Manager for our Church of St. Barnabas in Long Beach, CA. I shared this on all our social media platforms! Thanks to you for creating this. We have also shared this link! Continue to stay safe and healthy.

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