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Did you hear “the news”?

2011 is coming to a close, and we can see 2012 just around the corner.  Before long, the television shows and magazines reviewing the top events and people of the year will be out.  It seems now that I don’t write out the year on many things, with checks being few and far between and dated school papers way in the past, so I have trouble remembering the exact year.  Still, it is a turning point.  Before we close down the year, we have been busy with a lot of updates to the software.
The Church Life application has recently been updated for the iPhone.  With the recent creation of a peripherals team to just focus on that type of development, we are excited about bringing more of this type of functionality to market.  An update to the Android application is coming very soon as well!  (A heads up, due to the nature of this update users will need to uninstall the previous app and load this one.  We are sorry for this inconvenience, but it will be worth it to you in the long run!)
Facility Scheduler and Access ACS did an update on November 8 which was full of client requested features.  (You can see the full list in the Release Notes…)
We know social media is sometimes the best way to get your communication out (and communication is key to ministry).  So, as part of this update you can update your Facebook and Twitter accounts inside Access ACS.  Event icals are now available to add an event from Access ACS to your personal calendar as well.  In Facility Scheduler, the much requested RSS feeds are now available.
I feel a bit like I’m on a late night informercial – but folks, that’s not all!  We also recently updated ACS to version 11.2.  In addition to lots of enhancements to Financials, there is now a file export available for VoiceWave.  This is a new product from PhoneTree that allows for sending of voice, text, and email communication.
All of these releases were full of enhancements based on the feedback we received from you.  As we look back on 2011, I am pleased with all of the updates provided on our variety of products.  We haven’t closed out the year, and the work and planning continues!

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