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Don’t Forget About Prayer

I had breakfast with a professor of Church and Ministry Leadership the other day. He’s living the dream. Besides his work at the seminary investing in young leaders, he spends time working with churches, missions agencies and denominations around the world. He told me something we all know. He said everyone leading churches believes in prayer, but few do it. It’s the easiest thing to rush through or put off. It reminded me of a pastor I met once who said that, “I’m not the kinda pastor who prays.” I left wondering, “what kind of pastor are you?”

  • Pray for your family. Your spouse and kids need your prayers. Take time each day to bring them before God’s throne. 
  • Pray for the harvesters. Jesus said don’t pray for the harvest; it’s ready. We are the ones who need to get out in the field. 
  • Pray for the lost you know. Write down 5 names of people you know who don’t know God. If you don’t know 5 people, expand your circle. Ask God to draw them close to Him and use people and circumstance to reveal himself to them. 
  • Pray for the big things. New hires, new campuses, new programs, and new events should be covered in prayer. 
  • Pray for the small things. Lift up your church’s visitors, marriages, children, givers, and leaders. 

The 15-30-60 Rule reminds us that we need to stop planning and start praying. It helps stop talking to each other about things and start talking to the One in charge.

Take 15 minutes each day and pray with your staff. Intercede for your families, your health, your personal finances, and each other. 

Take 30 minutes each week and pray for your church. Cover the big things and the small things that face your church in prayer.

Take 60 minutes each month and pray for comfort and guidance. Lift up new ideas in your queue, potential leaders in your pipeline, and those who’ve experienced loss. 

How do you pray throughout the day?

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