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Blog » Easter Outreach Ideas for Churches

Easter Outreach Ideas for Churches

easter outreach

When you think of church growth, what comes to your mind? More people in the pews every Sunday? More involvement in small groups? Wednesday night Bible study engagement? Overflowing children’s ministry programs? Youth group activities moving outside so you have more space? Hopefully, all of the above and more. What are some outreach ideas for a church to get new people in the pews, be active in small groups, and attend Sunday School? It’s all about outreach, right? Outreach and growth have a very symbiotic relationship. Essentially, outreach is anything your church does to connect with the community. How is your church connecting with its community? Easter outreach ideas have been plentiful, and following up may include some of the following: 

Ideas to Implement:

  • Resurrect a version of the potluck – a cheap, fun gathering around food.
  • Plan events after weekend services that anyone could attend.
  • Employ a group model that’s welcoming to all.
  • Make your presence known outside where everyone can see you.
  • Ask congregants what their friends like, and then do that!

It used to be that you had your church friends and your non-church friends. Thankfully, those walls are being torn down, and “community” is not as isolated as it once was. This means that ministries must accommodate a holistic community with people of faith and unchurched people. Churches are responsible for cultivating and combining the communities inside and

outside their organizational reach. Growing churches see the opportunity to host events, activities, and gatherings that might have a spiritual component but are also welcoming to those who are far from faith. When it comes to Easter outreach ideas for church planning and follow-up, it’s not about making things “attractional” as much as it is about fostering real relationships. 

Bonus: you will start doing things your church people will be happy to invite their non-church friends too, leading to growth!

When people come to worship and celebrate the resurrection at your church, it’s a big deal! All of your plans are important, but not as important as letting God lead you to reach your community profoundly. And then connect quickly. Take small steps to make people feel part of your church. Remember, not everything needs to be big. An initial step may include a personalized email based on information they filled out highlighting areas of interest. Use small, simple moments early on. Relationships are key to ministry and critical for strong, growing churches. 

God doesn’t call us to be satisfied with where we are. We are not to be complacent. He calls us to be obedient in our service to Him. Some of the fastest-growing churches in the Bible were those that were committed to serving their community! Knowing your community, its interests, and the people who live in it should help shape the outreach of our church. Knowing helps you craft strategies to engage with more individuals and families like those already in your church. Pray fervently and ask God to do more than you could ever ask or imagine with your church outreach ideas for Easter so that He is magnified in your church and community.

Lauren is the Enterprise Accounts Team Manager at ACS Technologies. She’s been with ACST since 2019, working with churches of all sizes and, most recently, large churches (1200+ AWA).  As the Children’s Director and Worship Leader for her church, she knows the everyday struggles church staff face in making it all happen. Lauren’s goal is to partner with as many churches across the country to help them move forward doing ministry.

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