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Blog » Communicating Easter Sunday Traditions in a Non-Traditional Way

Communicating Easter Sunday Traditions in a Non-Traditional Way

he is risen

As most of us are starting to get used to our new quarantine routines caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many times that we will find ourselves missing the “normal” moments that we have been looking forward to. For some, it may be graduation ceremonies, weddings, or birthday celebrations. One that many of us will be considering this week is Easter Sunday and what it will look like for the Church. 

Churches not only in the United States but also across the entire world are trying to figure out how to celebrate Easter without being in their worship sanctuaries. You, as a pastor or church staff member, may be looking for ways to still carry on Easter traditions without having the face-to-face interaction on which so many of us look for on a day of celebration in our Christian faith. 

Realm can help you engage your congregation and even start new traditions that can continue post-COVID-19. Here are three ways you can use Realm this Easter Sunday:

1) Send an Easter Devotional

Use Realm to send an email with a devotional message and Scripture for your church family to read the morning of Easter. If your choir or praise band has pre-recorded any songs, or if you are live-streaming your Easter service, include those links in the email so people can be reminded to take part.

2) Post to Realm Asking for Easter Sunday Pictures

Easter Sunday for so many people means dressing in their best and taking pictures. Post to Realm inviting those in your church to send a picture of their Easter outfits for you to share in Realm and on your church’s social media accounts. 

Be sure to include where they are to send the photos. Once you start receiving photos, create a post in Realm in the churchwide group and include the pictures. To prevent an overload of notifications for your members, we encourage you not to post single photos but groups of photos instead.

Plus, you can also create an album on your church’s Facebook page or create a story on Facebook or Instagram displaying the photos. And remember, even though this year’s Easter may look a little differently than most, possibly with sweats and t-shirts versus dresses and suits, your church can look back at those pictures in years to come and remember how strong your church family was during this time.

3) Share Giving Resources for Your Congregation

Easter is a time when most feel generous with their gifts in the spirit of giving back to God who gave His Son for us. Encourage giving within your church by sharing ways your congregation can continue to be faithful from home, whether that be by mail or by online giving. If you use Realm’s online giving solution, be sure to let your members know they can give through text, online on your website, or through the mobile Connect app. Set aside time during your service to encourage your members to give just as you would pass the plate in a “normal” service. Check out some of the free giving graphics we’ve provided for you that you can share in Realm and on social media

While Easter Sunday may be a little different this year because of COVID-19, the meaning hasn’t changed. We hope you, your family, and your church family have a wonderful celebration this Sunday.

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