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Blog » Eight Ways to Make the Holiday Season Missional

Eight Ways to Make the Holiday Season Missional

From Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl, the holiday season keeps us so busy we often fail to reach out to others. But, God’s love doesn’t stop during the holidays, and we shouldn’t stop sharing it either. Can you reach out to others and enjoy the holidays too? The simple answer is yes, and here are “Eight Ways to Make the Holiday Season Missional.”

When planning holiday events make sure you:

1) Invite your whole family. Many of us have family members we haven’t seen in years. Give them a call. Reconnecting with them may be the exact thing the Holy Spirit uses to work in their lives.
2) Invite friends. Over the years friends can come and go. Reach into your past give some invites for today. They maybe at a place in their lives where they need to hear from an old friend. (You can invite your new friends too.)
3) Invite neighbors. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know everyone in our neighborhood, but we should make the effort. Invite the ones you know well AND the ones you don’t. There might be a neighbor with nowhere to go or family to visit. This could be a great opportunity for God to use you to speak about Him into their life.
4) Invite coworkers. Sharing the gospel in the workplace takes finesse. An invite to a non-work related event is a great way to build a relationship God can use to open a door for the Gospel.
5) Invite foreign exchange students. If you live in a college town, there are normally a large number of foreign exchange students with few options during the holidays. They are here to learn and and gain more fluency in American culture. The last thing they want to do is spend a holiday in a dorm room.  You should contact your local college for more information and how you can extend an invite. 
6) Invite strangers. Be bold, but be wise. God can use us anywhere at anytime to reach anyone. Listen to the prompting and gentleness of the Spirit. If you do, you just might step directly into an opportunity to invite someone who could become a future friend.
7) Accept an invitation. Often, the right thing to do when you’re invited is to go. An invitation indicates this person likes you, even if you may not feel exactly the same. Go and see if God can use this relationship to further His purpose.  Giving up home field advantage can be difficult, but you can still win on the road.
8) Serve with others. Countless groups serve during the holidays. Make some phone calls, find out the details and get involved. Invite others to come serve with you.

Do you agree with these eight points or do you have more to share? If so, you can leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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