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Father’s Day: Leading By Example

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The month of June signals the end of the school year and the beginning of summer for many families. Also of major significance is a day that falls on the third Sunday of the month – Father’s Day! The impact of a Godly father can’t be underestimated. In our culture it is easy to see the effect an absent father has upon children and the overall family. All of us have been shaped by how our parents raised us, and leading by example can have a major impact on us.

Dads, and moms, bring a unique blend of guidance and parenting skills to the table that shapes us in many ways.

In observance of Father’s Day, below are 10 goals every father should strive toward in leading by example:

1) Be a spiritual leader in your home. Every kid needs to see their dad following the Biblical role they are called by God to fulfill.
2) Spend quality time with your children. Kids need time with their father outside of the normal daily routines of life.
3) Communicate with your children. Don’t just have superficial conversations with your kids. Dig in and get to know how special they really are.
4) Love their mother. Children need security, especially in a world filled with broken homes. Allow your children to see how much you love and care for their mother.
5) Spend time in God’s Word. Time in the Bible will help you continue to grow closer to the Lord. The fringe benefit of that rubs off on your children is priceless.
6) Be a prayer warrior. Praying is essential to growth in Christ. Your kids need your prayers and the visibility of praying in public has a significant effect on your children.
7) Prioritizing worship. Part of being a Godly leader is ensuring that your kids are exposed to the church and all it has to offer. The corporate worship experience is important and should be a priority in your families’ weekly schedule.
8) Allow your children to learn from your mistakes. Humility is key here as you open your life to share some of your failures. This should be done to teach your children the dangers of certain temptations and the consequences of bad choices.
9) Discipline. Proper balance of discipline is important to teach your children right and wrong. Always discipline in a spirit of love, which will save you possible heartaches down the line.
10) Teach your children a good work ethic. Laziness abounds in our culture. Demonstrate for your children the discipline of hard work and allow them at a young age to participate in tasks that will reinforce this thought for years to come.

Are there other things you’d like to see added to the list? If so, please leave them in the comment below.

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