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Blog » FBC Sulphur Springs uses Growth Method to assist in Communication

FBC Sulphur Springs uses Growth Method to assist in Communication

Brady Fisher has been on staff at FBC Sulphur Springs for six years. He is officially the Director of Media and Communications, but his role is actually so much more than that. He’s involved in many ministries at FBC that require communication with visitors and members.  Brady is in charge of the media ministry and organizes and schedules 25 volunteers to run all things media at the church. He also maintains and updates the newsletter and the church’s website and assists anyone with anything they need for any of the other products. 

FBC was one of the first churches to sign up for Growth Method, an engagement solution that allows you to send automated communications and track where each visitor and member is in their journey with the church and its ministries.  He said they chose Growth Method because of the communication feature.

“We liked using pathways [in Realm], but Growth Method solved the communication problem. Having the communication tools embedded in the software makes it easy to reach out to guests and other people that are added to Growth.” Brady Fisher, Director of Media and Communications

The Women’s Ministry also used Growth Method to assign the pastor’s wife, the group leader, a designated phone number in Growth Method, allowing her to communicate with the sixty women involved in the group without sharing her personal phone number. 

“Just that communication side of things. I mean, we were using Realm text messaging and you could communicate with people, but Growth does this on a more personal level.” Brady Fisher, Director of Media and Communications.

Along with using Growth Method for communication, they use it for prayer requests and keeping track of new visitors. One of their ministries is sending boxes to the new visitors, and Growth Method helps them keep them organized. 

FBC Sulphur Springs has also started using the keyword feature in Growth. Visitors, registrants, and even members can text a keyword with questions, and Brady or the assigned leader can reply straight from Growth. They still have to opt in to receive communications, which can be tricky sometimes, but overall, they have had good responses. 

Brady has recently transitioned to using Growth Method with the Realm integration. Brady says integrating with Realm is a huge time saver, especially with events. They have used it with Women’s Ministry events and are currently using it for VBS registration. Before using Growth Method, they used Forms in Constant Contact. When the registration period was over, he had to export that data from the form and import it into Realm. Then, he would spend hours merging data, so they would only have a few duplicates to clean up later. With the integration, when someone registers for an event, it automatically syncs to their records in Realm.

Growth Method makes communication and tracking data accessible, and the integration with Realm saves Brady and the rest of the staff at FBC Sulphur Springs quite a bit of time. 

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Stacey Smith 

Stacey joined the ACST team in 1998 in the support department and joined the marketing team in 2021 as an Associate Marketing Coordinator. Today she runs the ACST Ministry Champions program, which involves all references, reviews, and testimonials for all of our products and services. When she isn’t at work, she is spending time with her husband, two teenage daughters and furbaby Copper.

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