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Blog » Four Ways To Bless Others This Thanksgiving

Four Ways To Bless Others This Thanksgiving

As the fall season winds on toward winter, the holiday season begins. This of course means Thanksgiving is almost here, which spurns many traditions for families across the United States. And it gives many opportunities to bless others.

But not only for families at home, but church families as well. Thanksgiving is certainly an opportunity to spend time with them and reflect upon God’s blessings in our lives and the life our church.

It is also an opportunity for the church to step up and show your community how much it cares.   Serving others can be rewarding, which in turn can really strengthen and unify the church body.

Here are four ways to bless others this Thanksgiving:

1) Host a Thanksgiving breakfast at the church for the community on Thanksgiving Day.

2) Have a Wednesday night worship service the day before Thanksgiving inviting the community to participate.

3) Gather a list of families in need and deliver each of them a full Thanksgiving dinner for them to prepare, including a frozen turkey, a couple of days before Thanksgiving.

4) On the day before Thanksgiving, organize an event to cook turkeys and deliver them to area homeless shelters/soup kitchens.

Or instead of cooking turkeys, could consider serving at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day.

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