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Getting Your Small Groups Ready for Fall

The small group model in churches has really exploded in recent years and has proven itself to be very effective in building relationships and strengthening one’s walk with the Lord.  As a leader of this ministry, how do you keep building momentum and see church small groups continuing to grow?  Every church is unique in its approach in how small groups are executed, but there are some key thoughts that would apply to all churches when strategizing growth in this area of ministry.

Summer is a great time to spend some time planning and re-energizing your leadership for a new launch of small groups in the fall.  Here are several thoughts to consider as you prepare for fall success in your small group ministry:

1) Leadership training – Leaders need to time to prepare and you need time to pour into them so they understand the expectations and goals you have for them. Whether it is a one-night training or weekend time away – don’t underestimate this key element to a great small group ministry.

2) Communication – This is important on a number of levels. Leaders need to keep in touch with their attendees through the summer even if they are not meeting.  Send out messages or alerts through your ChMS on times and dates of events, etc.

3) Spruce up your locations – This means adding new host homes and also making sure your existing homes and or meeting spaces are up to par to meet the needs of the group.  Make sure each group’s meeting space is adequately prepared for the size group and try to view the meeting space through the lens of how a first time guest might see things.

4) Advertising – Begin promotion of small groups early in the summer. This gets people thinking about it and talking about it early on. By promoting early, you increase the likelihood of your members inviting their friends to the group.

5) Preparation for Guests– Huge! Many small groups become comfortable and static with their group. It is important that all groups are aware of the purpose and mission of your small group ministry.

The church has a tremendous opportunity to reach many people through a well-run small group ministry.  Small groups are where people connect despite the size of your church and can really strengthen the overall church organization.  Spend time planning, praying, and organizing for what God will do this fall in your church and community.

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