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Growing Your Church With Automation

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What’s the secret to successfully growing your church without faltering? It’s not just one thing. It involves great staff, successful communication, tracking abilities, and solid processes. Let’s focus on processes (sometimes called pathways).

Pathways aren’t just steps involved with doing something. They are organized and strategic processes that guide individuals through stages of engagement, growth, and service within a church community.  If implemented effectively, pathways can increase efficiency and effectiveness.  Here are some ways:

Visitor Follow-Up

  • Welcome processes establish a clear pathway for welcoming and integrating newcomers into the church community. This may include designated greeters, information sessions, and orientation materials.
  • A systematic follow-up process for visitors, ensuring they feel valued and connected. This can involve personal contact, follow-up emails, or invitations to specific events.

Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

  • Develop a structured pathway for individuals to deepen their understanding of faith and grow spiritually. This may involve small group studies, mentorship programs, and educational resources.
  • Spiritual gifts assessment can help members discover and utilize their spiritual gifts by incorporating assessments and guidance within the pathway.

Volunteer Engagement

  • Create a pathway for identifying and recruiting volunteers based on their skills, interests, and spiritual gifts. Provide training and ongoing support to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities for each volunteer position to minimize confusion and maximize efficiency.

Event Planning and Execution

  • Develop a streamlined pathway for planning and executing events, ensuring that tasks are assigned, deadlines are met, and communication is effective.
  • Make a process for evaluating the success of events, gathering feedback, and identifying areas for improvement in future events.


  • Establish a clear pathway for communication within the church community. This may include regular newsletters, announcements, and social media updates.
  • Create a feedback loop to receive input from the congregation, enabling the leadership to make informed decisions and address concerns.

Membership and Accountability

  • Outline a clear pathway for individuals to become official church members, including membership classes, volunteer opportunities, and commitments.
  • Accountability Groups: Foster a sense of accountability and community through small groups or accountability partners within the church.

Technology Integration

  • Leverage technology to create online pathways for engagement, allowing members to access resources, sign up for events, and communicate more efficiently.

Data Management

  • Implement a centralized database to manage member information, track involvement, and monitor progress along various pathways.

By carefully designing and implementing pathways in these areas, a church can enhance its overall efficiency, strengthen community connections, and support the spiritual growth of its members. Regular evaluation and adjustment of these pathways based on feedback and changing needs will contribute to ongoing effectiveness.
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