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Create a place for fellowship and connection.

Events bring your members together and create an environment where new visitors feel welcome in your ministry.  ACS Technologies (ACST) provides ministries with events management tools you need to share your ministry with the world.

Create and communicate events of all sizes and audiences.

ACST provides robust tools for any size ministry to create events and communicate them with your audience.  Ministries can create intimate events for small groups with RSVP capability and large, church-wide registration events for entire ministries and your community.  Plus, leverage member-facing apps so they can stay up-to-date when new events are created.

Plan details from big to small.

Some events are simple and don’t entail costs or other needed details from your registrants. Other events repeat weekly, require payments and discounts, items to bring or purchase, facilities management, and additional registrant information needed so you can plan properly.  No matter the type of event your ministry creates, ACST’s tools for event management will provide you with everything you need to make your events successful.

Expand your reach to your virtual audience.

To reach your audience in the most effective way possible, that means providing a way to fellowship that’s best for them.  Connect events directly to online meeting sources such as Google Meet so registrants can stay connected no matter where they are.

What Event Coordinators Love

Solutions for Event Coordinators

ministryplatform logo

Information is collected daily in your church: member details, small groups, tithes.  MinistryPlatform offers you the most robust, flexible platform built to manage all of your church’s data in one location. Customize the experience and data structure to your church’s needs while choosing what information is available for small groups and leaders.

Realm - Church Management Software Solution by ACS Technologies

Realm puts the most important tools for ministry all under one roof. It’s one place where staff can perform all their administrative and accounting tasks. It’s the one place where pastors can access all their church analytics or communication tools. And it’s one place where everyone can sign in to stay informed, be connected, and focus on multiplying your ministry.

missioninsite logo

Uncovers the demographics and socioeconomics that provide you a deeper understanding of the people in your church and community. Backed by Experian, U.S. Census data, and ACS Technologies proprietary study sources, MissionInsite will help you make sound decisions and bolster confidence in your planning for the future.