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Happy Pastor Appreciation Month!

The month of October brings great fall weather, but it also is a time for churches to honor their pastors as we celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month. Considered to be one of the most stressful jobs, some reports have surfaced that indicate nearly 20,000 pastors leave the ministry each year.

Some surveys have also indicated that half of all pastors want to quit their current positions. And for every 20 pastors that enter the ministry, only one will retire from the ministry.

With these statistics, it is imperative to show our pastors that we really care about them and their families.  Pastors work extremely hard, and for the congregation to show appreciation in some way is a real blessing to them.

Here are some ways churches can celebrate pastors in October:

1) Have your congregation write notes of encouragement for your pastor.
2) Collect a love offering and present to your pastor the last Sunday of the month.
3) Honor your pastor and tangibly show appreciation to his wife and family as well.  Behind every good pastor is usually a great woman!
4) Pound the pastor. This is neat way to bless the pastor with grocery items that will fill the pantry for months.
5) Send the pastor and his wife on a vacation trip. Give gift cards for their favorite restaurants, a round of golf or other splurges that might not be in their budget.
6) Produce a video of church families sharing how much there pastor means to them and show it during a worship service.
7) Bring in your pastor’s favorite musical group or pastor and have them lead in a service one Sunday.
8) Have a good old fashioned dinner on the grounds after the morning worship service in honor of your pastor.

These are just a few ideas to display love for your pastor.  For the pastor who gives so much, you will never know how much it means for his or her flock to express their love and appreciation.

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