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How Large Churches and Parishes Track Engagement

How Large Churches and Parishes Track Engagement

As a large ministry, you know how difficult it can be to track and monitor the engagement of your members, parishioners, and visitors. You may have thousands of people coming through your doors for worship, watching your services remotely, and taking part in your events. Add in the complexity of tracking how your volunteers are engaging with your ministry and that makes the situation even more problematic.

To make sense of how members and parishioners are engaged – or more importantly, disengaged – large ministries are utilizing key solutions that help them answer those questions. MinistryPlatform, ACS Technologies’ flexible church management solution (ChMS) built specifically for large ministries, helps leaders see the full picture of how their members, volunteers, and visitors are engaging with their ministry. 

Know Your People

With as many people as you have interacting with your ministry in so many different ways, it becomes more important than ever that you have access to the right information so leaders can make informed decisions.

MinistryPlatform is all about providing ministries with tools specifically designed for how they do ministry. Where most ChMS’ give you the tools to put the information in, MinistryPlatform takes it a step further and automates processes you choose to put in place. For example, easily know who is no longer actively serving or is in a small group. Find out who’s fully or partially engaged. Who’s engagement has lapsed, and more, all based on how your ministry defines engagement. Best of all, MinistryPlatform runs these processes every night so you always have the most up-to-date information. 

Access Customized Reports & Metrics

It’s common with most ChMS’s to provide ministries with out-of-the-box solutions that offer little customization. That may be a model that works for small ministries or those who aren’t interested in solutions built specifically for their needs. However, as a large ministry that needs to understand and track engagement, you need the utmost customization to support your community.

MinistryPlatform pools your engagement information together and presents it in a way that’s most beneficial for you. Depending on your goals, that could be a printable report, a graph or chart, or real-time dashboards. And unlike many other ChMS’s, MinistryPlatform allows you to create your own on the fly or use one of the 200+ charts and reports that come standard with your MinistryPlatform solution.  

MinistryPlatform is the tool large and growing ministries get excited about when they want to make sense of the massive amount of data they input every day. Whether it’s tracking engagement, reporting on that information, and so much more, MinistryPlatform’s customizable and flexible solution is empowering ministries to bring more to the Kingdom. 

Learn more

To learn more about how MinistryPlatform, with the help of ACS Technologies, can help make sense of how engaged your members, volunteers, and visitors are with your ministry, check out our ACS Technologies website for more information.

Rev. Chuck Salter joined ACS Technologies in 2019 when ACS Technologies acquired MissionInsite, a company he co-founded and which provides community demographics and data analytics to the faith-based market.

Chuck is a clergy member of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.  He has over 30 years of experience in the strategic use of community demographic information, has served as a church planter, and has provided UMC Conference leadership in missional development and ministry advancement.

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