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Blog » I will take a Large drink

I will take a Large drink

I have a new obsession.  I’ve always been a fan of flavored soft drinks.  I know which restaurants in town can add a little shot of cherry in my drink.  Then, a cut above that is the good shaved ice.  It’s truly one of my favorite treats.  There is something relatively new that I just adore.  It’s a build a combo machine.  Have you seen one?  More and more restaurants and gas stations are slowly adding them.  I fully embrace their investment.
You select through a touch screen interface which soft drink flavor you want. I can still choose lemonade for my son and a Coke Zero or many other soft drinks for myself.  Then, you get to choose between flavors.  It doesn’t just stop at cherry!  You can also do more than one flavor.  You build the custom mix just for yourself.
I believe ACS Technologies is a lot like that flavor machine.  We are not a single solution software company.  We have a range of software solutions and a range of product brands.  The City, Parish Data Systems, ACS, Membership Plus, and Headmaster are all in our product brands.  Each one of those is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are different solutions that are built within each of those.  It can depend on the size of your organization but also the philosophy.  How do you do church?  What are the needs of your specific organization depend on the products that you need.  You can then even choose whether you want to run the software via your local organization or On Demand.  Within the products, the customizations and settings then help you set up the database, tracking, reporting, and functionality to help facilitate the success of your ministry.
If you have a need, you need to inquire what might be available for that need.  Don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside the box.  “Discover” the “perfect combination” for your organization!

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