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It’s time to get the schedule scheduled!

It’s that time of year.  Can you smell the newly sharpened pencils in the air?   Back to school is just around the corner.  When I review my email as well, I am starting to see daily signs that the Fall schedule of activities is coming.  The sign up forms and notifications are starting to arrive.   Let’s get re-organized for a new season of events!
I know you are busy planning for not only promotion for your different classes, but your different events that kick off in coordination with Back to School from sports activities for children to the Bible Studies the parents can attend while their children are in school.  We heard your requests for a big change, and it is coming your way with an Access ACS release on the evening of August 6.  You want to reduce the barriers in sign up for events.  So, we have changed the display of Access ACS events so they will NOT require an initial login.  As part of this release, we will still obtain the data for your tracking, but there are some big changes to the initial screen instead of the previous login screen.  Please note, as part of this release it is only for events that do NOT require payments.  We will be following up this release with further enhancements to events with payments as well.
Also, as part of this update we have changed the initial screen for the Pay Plus giving screen.  For clients that use this solution for online gifts, we will no longer serve up the login page as the initial screen when a user makes their gift.  We will still obtain data so that their gift can be tracked and managed as part of their profile, but the initial screen will be the details about the gift.  Hopefully this will help to further expand the budget funds to support all of your Fall activities!
Let’s continue to enjoy the summer days while they last but look forward to the new season just around the corner!

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