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Know Your People

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While we are all aware of the risks that come with welcoming new people into our homes and the lives of our children, we sometimes forget that the same risk applies at church. Church feels like the safest place for most of us and we want it to stay that way. 

Background checks can help you mitigate risk, minimize legal liability, prevent abuse, and protect core assets for your church; not to mention the peace of mind, as you and your church family will know you’re taking the steps needed for their protection.

Let’s look at the three easy steps you can take today to protect your church family.

1. Learn about each search and common terms you will see while screening.

There are many searches you can choose from when doing a background check screening. Take the time to learn about each search and understand the difference between them. This will better allow you to choose the right package or stand-alone search needed for each role within your church. Knowing the terms you will come across, such as pass-through fees and on-site inspections, ahead of time will also give you the clarity to understand the costs and other needs that will be expected with each search.

2. Create a plan for who needs screening and how often.

A common myth is you only need to screen those staff or volunteers working with children. However, many other roles within your church can pose a risk. We’ve compiled a checklist to get you started, but encourage you to look at each staff and volunteer role within your church to be sure you include all those who access sensitive information as well as work with children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

Download the Protect Your Church Checklist to get started.

3. Sign up for free and start running background checks.

Protecting your church shouldn’t be a hassle, so we’ve made it easy for you to sign up to start running background checks today. Plus, sign-up is completely free! 

And of course, we are here to help you along the way. Check out the guide below to learn more about each search and common screening terms, and see quick instructions on how to start using our church background check solution today. 

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