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Leadership that Empowers

Leaders activate those around them. Leadership is a spiritual gift which shines brightest when it gives the spotlight to others. Leaders get people moving in the right direction and allow them to do what they were created to do. Though leaders are responsible for developing new leaders, there’s more to the job. Leaders make space and create the systems that allow every gift to flourish. They create the structure which identifies and releases those with the other gifts.


Teaching is a foundational gift in the body of Christ. Teachers explain God’s word and help people apply it to their lives. Teaching thrives on relationships that allow the teacher to relay information and the learner to receive that information.


The church needs administrators. People who can organize and manage the events, programs and systems that the church’s leadership have put in place to serve the body.


This gift gives many people great satisfaction and fulfillment. It’s not a flashy gift, but it’s essential for a healthy church body. No to people with this gift are the same. One may enjoy setting up for events, and the other might be happy to rewire the church’s audio visual system.


God’s gifted some people with the ability and predisposition for generosity. They’re joyful givers who find fulfillment in giving to others. They provide the resources the Body needs to complete His mission.


All of us need mercy, and some have a special gift in this area. People with this gift enjoy extending the mercy of God shown to them to others who need it most. People with this gift need to know the wants and needs of their local community of faith.

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