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Maintaining Community In A Digital Age

Being personally connected to your community is written into the deepest values of Christianity. Just because churches are going digital, doesn’t mean that personal touch will be lost! Here are some of great ways for maintaining community in a digital age, without spending all your time answering calls and emails!

1) Call Your Volunteers (Occasionally)

This doesn’t have to be a weekly, scheduled task nor do have to call all of your volunteers at once, but perhaps sitting down once or twice a year to do this would be helpful and encouraging. You can use this time to see how your volunteers are doing, get to know what is going on in their lives (in Ministry Scheduler Pro, you can use the Comments field in their profile to take notes so you remember what they say for your next conversation) and give them words of encouragement. You can also utilize this time to let them know about something new that’s happening or ask them a quick favor, giving the call has a distinct purpose. You can use ministry scheduling software to create a list of volunteer names and phone numbers so it’s easy to make your calls!

2) Personalize Your Requests

You should know your volunteers well enough to know their strengths and where they would shine in ministry. Put that information to use by asking specific people with the right gifts and talents to step up. Maybe you noticed a particular volunteer was great at something and you want to grow in that area of ministry, or maybe you have a new role and know just the right person who you could mentor to fill that role as they mature? People are more likely to say yes to a request if it’s a good fit for them.

3) Encourage Volunteers to Communicate with Each Other

This could come in the form of a volunteer appreciation event or meeting where you provide space for your volunteers to meet in person, or perhaps it’s a digital space. In Ministry Scheduler Pro, volunteers can Comment on services and start a conversation online.

We’re sure there are other ways to keep the sense of community as well. Share yours in the comments below!

This blog was written by Raina Hanson of Ministry Scheduler Pro. Previously one of their favorite clients, Raina joined the team at Rotunda software in 2014. With degrees in theology and mathematics, she uses her background and experience helping churches free up time spent in administrative work to focus more on the other parts of ministry.

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