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Make the Most of the Easter Season

For churches, there is no bigger Sunday all year than Easter. The significance is two-fold. As a Christ-follower, the resurrection of Jesus is paramount to one’s faith. Secondly, Easter Sunday is one of the most attended worship service of the year. So, the question is how we as churches can make the most of the Easter season this year. Here are five prime opportunities to consider:

1) Sunrise Service— This is a little old-school, however many people are drawn to an early service to start their Easter Sunday.

2) Community Breakfast—People love to eat and there is nothing better than serving a hot breakfast and opening it up to the entire community, not just congregants.

3) Easter Egg Hunt—Easter is certainly not about the Easter Bunny. However, young unchurched families may come to this event. If planned and done well, the Gospel can be shared and quite possibly, new relationships formed.

4) Preach the Gospel— We have all met the Easter and Christmas-only attendees. Don’t miss the opportunity to share the good news of Christ with them.

5) Good Friday Service— Some churches offer a unique service on Good Friday focusing on what Jesus went through on the cross. This worship opportunity can take a lot of different elements, including partaking of the Lord’s Supper.

But, it’s not just about providing an opportunity, it’s about doing it the right way so you can witness to others and help them grow spiritually.

Are there more opportunities that your church provides around Easter? If so, share them in the comments below.

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