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Making a Difference with Realm Events

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A couple of weeks ago, our Young Adults sponsored a Parents Night Out. It was a blessing to our moms and dads, especially those who don’t always have time for a much-needed date night. We set up registration using the Events tool in Realm and were able to share the link via our website, in the church app, and in our Sunday morning announcements. We advertised locally using social media because we want our community to think of us as a resource and to know we are committed to families.

Registration events are a great way to spread the word because the links can be public. This allows guests, those who perhaps have never walked through the doors of the church, to sign up. It makes it easy for them to see the information and to register without having to dig through information in other locations. We were able to collect payments online and even use the list to prepare name badges for the children registered to attend that evening and take attendance. Yes, we took attendance. We’re a church. What can I say?

Check out this video to learn more about what Hope Church is doing in Plain City, Ohio, and how they’re using Realm to impact lives in their community.

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This guest post was submitted by lead pastor Shelby Pratt, our ministry partner at Hope Church in Plain City, Ohio.

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