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Ministry Impact Story: Mill Creek Community Church, Shawnee, KS

Connecting People to Grow in Christ.

The History.
Mill Creek Community Church in Shawnee, KS is a church committed to connecting people to grow in Christ. “Our vision is to gather and scatter. We gather on Sundays to celebrate in worship and hear solid biblical teaching” says Stephanie Spandet, Financial Administrative Assistant. “Throughout the week, we connect in LifeGroups where we develop deeper relationships with other believers and hold each other accountable. We then scatter to reach people for Christ where we live and through our strategic mission teams in Argentina, China, and Turkey” Spandet adds.

Connecting People.
In 1995, Pastor Gary Pauley and several elders began Mill Creek as a church plant with approximately 75 people. They met in a school cafeteria until 2003 when they completed their first building. Today, Mill Creek has grown to a congregation of over 600.

They began using ACS software in 2000 before they were in a permanent location. “Access ACS has helped Mill Creek connect people with our elders and pastors,” Stephanie says. “If they have questions about spiritual issues, want to become a members, or request to be baptized, we’re able to set up a connection for a pastor/leader in Access, and the pastor/elder can add their comments as well.”

More Opportunities for Ministry.
In 2011, Mill Creek began using The City. The staff and leaders use The City as their key communication vehicle for prayer requests, upcoming events, and needs within the church. Stephanie says, “On Sundays, our congregation hears the Word and leaves. There’s not a lot of congregating going on. With The City, members have the opportunity to have these conversations. The City helps us create a safe environment for the congregation to share needs and prayer requests whether church wide or just with their LifeGroup.

An example of how The City helped facilitate ministry was when one of their longtime members, Fran, was diagnosed with cancer. Fran is 88 years old and doesn’t use a computer, so she’s not on The City herself. However, when the staff posted a prayer request for her on The City, Mill Creek responded and showered her with hundreds of cards, letters, flowers, gifts, food, and visits. Stephanie says, “We printed out The City prayer request responses and mailed them to her so she could see everyone praying for her.”

Fran says, “I papered the walls with the cards, and could have papered the floor with all the letters I received.” She was also given a homemade quilt by one of the members. Fran says she looks at the quilt every night before she goes to bed. “Through all of this, God got bigger. I thought I had the little things covered, but now I’m thankful for the small things.” In turn, Fran is praying for the church members who signed the quilt.

Looking Ahead.
“Having the information we need about our attendees helps our staff minister more effectively,” says Stephanie. Mill Creek Community Church is looking forward to growing and most importantly, connecting people to grow in Christ.

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