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Navigating Multisite Church Expansion

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In the dynamic landscape of modern church ministry, the concept of multisite campuses has emerged as a compelling strategy for growth and outreach. 


This number represents the percentage of churches experiencing attendance growth before venturing into multisite expansion. It’s a crucial starting point for understanding the role of multisite strategies in church dynamics.

Multisite as a Growth Catalyst

Multisite expansion is a powerful strategy for healthy, thriving churches seeking to extend their reach. Again, successful multisite endeavors are built on a foundation of existing growth and effectiveness. 

Typically, the decision to launch additional campuses is often a response to an already robust ministry rather than a standalone growth tactic.

The Reality Check

While multisite has proven effective for many, I would caution you that it’s not a magic bullet for struggling congregations. It is not a remedy for churches in decline or those facing stagnation. 

In fact, attempting to transition to a multisite church in such situations may worsen existing challenges and accelerate the decline within your church.

Launching a new location might seem like a fresh start, but it rarely leads to the desired shifts in strategy, worship services, spiritual formation, or brand identity. 

The Complexity of Multisite

A recurring theme is acknowledging that multisite is not a strategy for easy growth. Despite a well-defined strategy and organizational structure, multisite expansion can be complex and introduce ongoing organizational tension and challenges. 

In many cases, senior pastors often yearn for the simplicity of leading a single-location church.


The 95% figure serves as a compass for churches contemplating multisite expansion. It emphasizes that successful multisite churches were already fulfilling their mission, effectively reaching people, and multiplying disciples before embarking on this journey.

For growing churches, you may want to consider the idea of multisite expansion as a means to amplify your impact. For churches facing challenges with growth, it could be an excellent time for you to reflect on the changes necessary for renewed health.

By now, we’ve learned that multisite is not a one-size-fits-all solution and requires discernment, strategic planning, and an honest assessment of the church’s current state.

Granted, your church “checks all the boxes,” but expanding to become a multisite church could be a great way to help more people meet and follow Jesus in diverse and impactful ways!

Written by Kris Andrews

Kris joined our ACST family in 2019 and now serves as an Enterprise Account Executive. One of the things he’s most passionate about is impacting the Kingdom of God, so in his current role, he is fulfilled by being able to help churches leverage technology to overcome their own complex or unique challenges so they can be more successful. Outside of ACST, he enjoys serving in various roles at his home church and being involved in local charities and events.

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