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Blog » New Year, New Mailing Requirements

New Year, New Mailing Requirements

Tis’ the Season!  The mailbox has been full this week with catalogs and magazines of Christmas decorations and gifts. My son is happily pouring over all of the toy selections!  While I typically do a good bit of online purchasing, I do a good bit of shopping through the mailed materials.  I should be receiving my church newsletter soon with the information about the Christmas pageant, rehearsals, Advent candle making gathering, etc.  While all of the web and mobile access is convenient, there are still times we want and need physical mailing.

With that in mind, we want to make sure that our clients are aware of changes coming from the post office January 26.  Not only do I want you to have a heads up, January is a busy time for you with year-end, so I would rather you be prepared now!  Our Max It clients will need to be utilizing an update by this time as well as work with their Post Office for some reference and identification numbers that will be needed as part of the new process with the Post Office.

If you are in this scenario and not an OnDemand client, you will first want to go to our Client Portal and download ACS  We have also created a checklist of the identification data you will need for the full process.  Go ahead and start filling this out so that you will have it for reference.  You should have received the IDEAlliance code via an email from our Support Department.  They can assist you with that ID if you did not see the email.  Once you have your IDs gathered and ready, you can download the Mail Module Update on the client portal as well.

Prepare now for happy mailings later!

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