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Blog » Why Online Giving isn’t just for Millennials

Why Online Giving isn’t just for Millennials

I can’t think of anything better than seeing young people come to Christ and find purpose in serving their church. Their passion and zeal are contagious. That’s why churches break their backs to reach millennials. They bring tons of life and energy to the church, but they don’t bring a lot of money because they don’t have much to bring. Churches have to focus on every generation. Reach them where they are in ways which are familiar to them.

Many churches think online giving is just for young people, but it’s not. Focus on young people, but don’t forget about older generations like Generation X and the Baby Boomers.

The research says that millennials aren’t expected to start contributing significantly until 2030 when they have steady incomes. They’re just starting their lives. They’re in school, and many still live at home. Don’t give up on them, but don’t expect them to do something they can’t do yet. Still, if they can’t give online, they probably won’t give. They don’t carry cash, haven’t written many checks, and expect online giving options. If they don’t learn to give now, they may not give later.

Generation X
We are coming of age right now. We’re getting older and wiser. Our bellies are growing, and so are our budgets. We’ve seen technology explode, and we live online. We pay our bills online, we work online, and we’ve taken classes online. Why shouldn’t we be able to give online? Make it easy for us to give electronically through your ChMS. If you don’t, you are missing out on what we have to offer.

Baby Boomers
Baby boomers have the most to give, and their online presence is exploding. They’re adjusting with the times and becoming fluent with technology. Many of them go online to work, research topics, keep in touch with family, pay their bills, and trade stocks. For them, online giving is a great option because it provides the consistency and convenience that work well with fixed incomes. They also are strategic with their giving and do more research before donating if they’re new or particularly concerned with an organization’s mission or history. Show them how easy it is, and they will take advantage of its convenience.

Whatever you do, keep each generation in mind. They all will respond differently, but some things will work with any age group.

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