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Outreach with MissionInsite

Homecoming: How To Make Your Celebration Better

We’re approaching a very busy season for churches. You have families returning to pews now that vacation is over and children are back in school. You’re gearing up for events and programs to round out the year. You may be preparing for a capital campaign or focusing on your fundraising efforts. Your church or parish is likely also seeking outreach opportunities to help and evangelize your community. 

In addition to our management solutions designed to meet the needs of every church and parish, ACS Technologies also offers MissionInsite to help you understand your community. Backed by powerful data sources such as Experian, the US Census, and our proprietary study on religious beliefs and preferences, MissionInsite gives you a deeper understanding of your surrounding area by providing data on demographics, socioeconomics, population density, and more. 

Knowing who you’re serving is integral to the success of your outreach efforts. With MissionInsite, you can identify specific areas of need and opportunities. For example, if your community has a large group of single parents, you may want to partner with a local nonprofit or business on a toy drive near the holidays. 

You could also build your outreach programs based on the life concerns of people in your area leveraging the study of religious beliefs and preferences. If health is the top concern in your area, you can partner with a local doctor’s office or hospital and offer on-site wellness checkups or vaccines. The study includes preferences on information sources and social media to guide how you notify people about your outreach events and programs. 

Outreach is just one-way MissionInsite can help your church or parish. You can also leverage community data for strategic planning, ministry revitalization, or leadership planning, to name a few. Check out how the Gulf Central District of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church is using MissionInsite to better equip their churches to engage and serve their community. 

Whitney joined ACS Technologies in 2017 and is a Senior Product Marketing Manager in the market department. Prior to ACST, Whitney worked at Blackbaud for 11 years in various roles focusing on churches and other non-profits.

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