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How to Pray for your Pastor – Pastor Appreciation

The ability to pray is one of the greatest spiritual assets we possess. There are certainly many things and people that we pray for on a daily basis that are, to us, significant. One person we should add to our prayer list, if they’re not already on there, is our pastor. The under-shepherd of our church has many pressures and stresses to face on a daily basis. Lifting them up to the Lord can have a positive effect that can spread into many different areas of your church, even your community. To help you get started, here are 10 ways you can pray for your pastor. Pray that:

1) God will protect him and his family. 2) God will speak to him and give him the words to share with your congregation each week. 3) God will guide him to spend quality time in the Bible each week. 4) God will use him to be a witness to the lost. 5) God will provide him a life of balance between spending quality time with his family and leading your church. 6) God will show how you can be a source of encouragement to your pastor. 7) God will shield your pastor from temptation and sin. 8) God will give him discernment and wisdom in difficult situations that come up in the church. 9) God will give him a soft spirit and a listening ear when those approach him with a critical spirit. 10) God will remind your congregation and the pastor that this particular body of Christ is His church and that everyone in it including the pastor is there to build His kingdom, not our own.

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