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Reaffirmations Friday – April 29th

Whether you’re a church Pastor, directing a ministry, or simply a volunteer, you most likely don’t have too much time during your day to keep up with what’s being written or discussed around key ministry topics like developing discipleship, increasing participation or building stronger church community.
But, that’s OK! Because every week, we’ll round up of some of the most helpful and inspirational news and articles published on the web and give them to you here, in one centralized place as part of our “Reaffirmations Friday.”
Here are the top ministry blogs and articles this week detailing anything you may have missed.
3 Encouraging Trends About Millennials and Money
After a slow start, Millennials are starting to move forward in their finances. For some time now, Millennials have been hampered with student loan debt and a sparse job market. While this may still be the case for many in this generation, there are signs of life… Written by Art Rainer
Seven Seasons When We’re Especially Vulnerable to Temptation
Remember that the Lord Jesus said, “Watch and pray so that you will not enter into temptation” (Mt 26:41). We understand why He said “pray.” Why did He say “watch?” The answer is that because there are particular times and seasons in which we are more vulnerable to temptation than at other times. We need to be aware of when these seasons are… Written by Jeremy Roberts
5 Future Trends of Church Planting
…With culture seemingly changing at the speed of light, church planters (and those who train and support them) cannot be over-aware of the trends new churches will face. Here are five things we are seeing now and will continue to see as we move further along in the 21st century post-Christian America… Written by Ed Stetzer
5 Reasons Applying Biblical Principles is Not Enough
The Bible is indeed the BEST business book ever written (blogged many times on this before). It is indeed the ONLY way any believer should conduct his or her business. But there are five major reasons applying biblical principles in the marketplace is not enough to gain competitive advantage and maximize your impact… Written by Dr. Jim Harris
Two Realities of Leadership That I Wish Weren’t True
Last week I attended a conference for church leaders, pastors, and church planters.  I went looking to be refreshed and encouraged.  I wanted to grow as a leader.  I was hoping to get some new tools to lead and minister better.  I expected to leave the conference energized and excited to get back and get to work…applying the things that I had learned… Written by Tim Parsons
The Difference between Curious Leaders and Caring Leaders
Both curious and caring leaders ask about followers or subordinates. Both curious and caring leaders inquire about those who are not acting normally. An illness, family issue, or work-related problem should raise a leader’s level of awareness about a particular individual, especially in the church…Written by Sam Rainer
Is there are article you saw this week that you think should have made this list? Let us know!

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