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Reaffirmations Friday – January 29

Whether you’re a church Pastor, directing a ministry, or simply a volunteer, you most likely don’t have too much time during your day to keep up with what’s being written or discussed around key ministry topics like developing discipleship, increasing participation or building stronger church community.
But, that’s OK! Because every week, we’ll round up of some of the most helpful and inspirational news and articles published on the web and give them to you here, in one centralized place as part of our “Reaffirmations Friday.”
Here are the top ministry blogs and articles this week detailing anything you may have missed, as part of Reaffirmations Friday – January 29.
5 Reasons You Should Embrace Digital Bible Study
The last decade has seen both an avalanche of digital innovation and a responding flood of discussion about the ways that innovation is improving—or degrading—our lives. You’ve probably read or participated in plenty of discussions about whether or not ebooks are “better” than print books. But nowhere does this discussion about the usefulness of digital technology mean more than when we discuss the Bible… Written by Andy Rau
The Pastor and His Marriage
Jeana and I have been married for thirty-nine years. After we’d been married for eighteen years and Jeana would mention to my Mom some crazy thing I had done, she would say, “You have now had him longer than me. I am no longer responsible!” After being married to one another this long, we have learned so much about each other and marriage. And still the learning continues. Perhaps what I share today will be an encouragement for your marriage… Written by Ronnie FloydA System for Shepherding
I know a pastor whose congregation expected him to treat his email like the phone, constantly monitoring it and responding immediately whenever something new showed up in his inbox. That is a recipe for burnout. Having to constantly switch gears and be pulled from one thing to another can be exhausting. It becomes almost impossible to work any project to completion and gain a sense of momentum… Written by Matt Perman

Go and Tell, ‘It Is Finished’
One of the greatest things Jesus ever said was, “It is finished” (John 19:30). My obedience is finished and perfect, and you need it. My suffering is finished, and you need it to cover all your sins. I have finished removing the wrath of God from my people. I have finished striking Satan with a death blow. I have established the new covenant for my people. It is finished. And because it is finished, the mission begins… Written by John Piper

What Story do you Want Your Leadership to Tell?
We all want to have a great life and be great leaders, but how can we make sure that we actually experience both? To write a great story, we have to start with the end in mind. If we were to write what we would want to say about the impact of our leadership at the end of our lives, what story would we want to tell? Think about it… and as we do, we must consider whether or not the decisions we’re making each day is actually leading us in that direction… Written by Shane Duffey.

14 Practices of Fast Growing Churches
The Book of Acts has literally come to life in Anderson, SC. NewSpring Church, launched in 2000 by Senior Pastor Perry Noble and 14 friends and family, now averages over 32,000 in weekend attendance with 18 locations. They were recently recognized as the 2nd-fastest growing church in America. Recently, the team at INJOY Stewardship Solutions sat down with NewSpring’s Family Ministries Pastor, Brad Cooper to discuss why the church has grown so rapidly… Written by Brian Dodd

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