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Realm’s Promotion Tracks

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Each year churches promote members of small groups to new levels or classes, especially in ministries like Student Ministry or Children’s Ministry. To make this an easy process in the database system, Realm® has created Promotion Tracks to move members easily from one group into the next one. Here are the steps for promoting:

  1. Login to your Realm® account. 
  2. Click the blue “Admin” tab button on the left navigation panel. 
  3. Click the “Groups” tab to open additional options, then click “Promotion.” 
  4. Under the “Setup” tab, you can create a new promotion by clicking “Add Ministry Area.”
  5. Select the top-level ministry area of the groups you are wishing to promote (i.e., sub-ministries/groups will automatically populate).
  6. Select the new groups you intend to promote members to under the “Promote to” section (if a group is not promoting, leave this box blank).
  7. Click the “Overview” tab to see your overall progress and promote specific groups. 
  8. Click the ellipses or “3 dots” at the right side of the group you want to promote, then click “Promote.” 
  9. You can then select specific members to promote OR “Select All” (be sure to uncheck the boxes next to any teachers/leaders if they will not be moving to the next group).
  10. If you need to remove someone from a roster, simply select the drop-down box under their name and click “Remove from Roster.” 
  11. Click “Approve” when finished or “Save as Draft” to make changes later. 

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