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Simplify Your Payroll with E-Filing through Realm

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Jason M. Jenison, Partner Relationship Manager, Nelco

No one needs to tell you that COVID-19 has created challenges within your church. Many of your ministries have had to postpone events or find ways to continue worship services such as adjusting to a virtual setting. But that doesn’t mean that your church staff stopped working.

Moving from paper to e-filing your 941 form this summer will ensure your payroll doesn’t miss a beat. And Realm Payroll has partnered with Nelco to make it easy.  

For almost a decade, ACS Technologies has been working with Nelco to provide a paperless year-end reporting solution to churches just like yours. And every year we see more churches who want to simplify their process and eliminate printing and mailing tax forms. Nelco’s system through Realm can provide the same benefits for your Quarterly Federal filing as it does every January.

Unlike W-2’s, e-filing a 941 requires a PIN from the IRS. If you don’t already have a 941 PIN, sign up following these steps: 

  • Log in Realm and click Accounting.
  • Go to Period End / Tax Forms. 
  • Click the E-File Settings tab
  • Enter your email address and create a password, or log in with your existing account. 
  • Then select Register for PIN
  • Fill out the necessary fields and click Submit.

It can take up to 45 days for you to receive your 941 PIN, so be sure to register soon – even if you aren’t sure about filing.

By getting this information completed now, you are setting yourself up to be ready to e-file your 941. Once July comes and your second quarter payroll information is complete, just click the E-File button under Tax Forms in Realm to start the process.  

From there, follow the prompts to check out, and Nelco will complete the filing to the IRS. Just like that, you’re done! We will also take all the guesswork out by updating you via email once the filing has been submitted and accepted!

With e-filing comes no printing, no signing, no mailing, leaving you more time for ministry and less time spent on paperwork.

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