Church Payroll Software

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Simplify the process of paying your staff.

Payroll Runs

Process and pay U.S. employees automatically.

Once your employee data and timesheets are all set up, Realm® will calculate necessary tax withholdings, process adjustments, communicate status, and post payments.

Realm Payroll
Realm Payroll

Employee Details

Ensure everyone receives a correct paycheck.

Maintain important details about your employees and accommodate special tax requirements and allowances for your ministerial staff.

Time Entry

Process timesheets for individuals or groups of employees.

Split employees into manageable groups for processing pay periods or for structuring compensation for specific jobs. Timesheet groups run separately and give you complete control over how employees are paid.

Realm Payroll
Realm Payroll


Define and assign jobs to your employees.

Add all of the jobs available at your church—including full-time, part-time, and one-time positions—and assign these jobs for how your staff is paid.


Track any additions and subtractions to employee wages.

Keep track of employee benefits, additional compensation, employer-paid items, and special situations such as housing and auto allowances, phone reimbursements, retirement plans, insurance, and one-off deductions.

Realm Payroll
Realm Payroll

Print Checks

Print physical checks and post to General Ledger.

After you run payroll, you can print checks and post payroll checks to the general ledger according to the payroll transactions list.

Tax Withholding Settings

Automatically calculate payroll withholding taxes.

Realm Payroll, along with Symmetry Software, calculates payroll withholding taxes for federal, FICA, state, and local taxes. Only taxable jobs and adjustments will be used to calculate taxes.

Realm Payroll