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Six Word Essay Contest

For the recent company meeting, we held a contest for our employees to set an ACS 2010 vision.  The catch for the contest was that it had to be expressed in only six words.  Of course we borrowed the idea of a six word contest, but we thought it would be a fun way to release the creative side of our employees.  Not knowing how many people would participate, we were impressed by the 104 entries we received and sure had some fun with the judging.
So what type of essays did we receive?  We had everything from humor, departmental objectives, world domination, to some exceptional statements about the company.  Here are some of the entries:
From our most verbose support supervisor, who can take five minutes to say hello:
“Six Words?  Are you Kidding Me!?”
From a member of the ACS for Windows development team:
 “Version 10, To Infinity and Beyond.”
From a member of our customer support department”
“Turning Clients into Friends in 2010.”
From the sales group who are focused on selling ACS OnDemand:
“Can I Say Ondemand Six Times?”
There were many, many other excellent entries and we had a good time highlighting them at the company meeting.  To choose the final winner, the executive team chose three finalists and let the employees vote for the winner.  Here are the two runner-up entries:
” 2009 – Mighty Fine. 2010 – Happening Again.”
 “ACS Technologies found in Every Church!”
And the winner, submitted by a member of our technical writing group, was:

 “Ministries Growing, Clients Happy, Business Booming!”

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