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Blog » Small Events, Big Impact: Day of Event Blog

Small Events, Big Impact: Day of Event Blog

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The day is finally here! You’ve planned, organized, and staffed your event and invited your congregation and community to register. All of your hard work comes down to today. 

Here are some ways Realm can help make your event go smoothly. 

Attendee Check-In

You can automatically take attendance for your event by using Realm Check-In. All you need to do is set up a check-in kiosk for registration events and link Realm to your printer in the Administration section of Realm.

Registrants can check themselves in at the kiosk as well as print their name badges.  If you set up your event registration to allow for named guests, registrants who currently do not have a profile in Realm can also check in at the kiosk. 

What if someone shows up who didn’t register? Not to worry – an administrator can check them in from the kiosk as well. 

Volunteer Check-In

If you tied a volunteer team to your event, your volunteers can check in for their position at any check-in kiosk. All you need to do is enable volunteer check-in on your kiosk prior to the event.  If multiple members of a family are scheduled to volunteer, their positions will be listed and everyone can be checked in at the same time. 


Realm Streaming allows your church to provide a virtual event experience for those who are not able to attend in person. You can include a link for virtual attendance when you set up your event registration, share the link in the Realm Newsfeed, or post it to your website and social media if you would like to make the event public. 

You can record a special message to air prior to the event welcoming your virtual attendees, and all of your viewers will enjoy an ad-free experience with Realm Streaming. 

With Realm, you can provide a personalized and secure experience for your in-person and virtual attendees, reduce lines by enabling self check-in, and capture attendance data so you can follow-up with attendees after the event.

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