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Manage church events from big to small

Share this information with others in your church.

Create moments for fellowship and growth.

See How Realm's Event Management Software Can Help Your Church


Provide opportunities for ministry.

Getting together should be simple. All you need is a time, place, and purpose. Realm® church management software makes it easy for your church to schedule events and organize the important details that go with them.

Organize and Manage Events for Your Church with Realm's Scheduling System
Display Your Events on the Church Calendar so Everyone Knows What is Going On

Church Calendar - Church Event Software

Share what’s going on.

Help everyone stay connected with what’s happening in your church community. Realm’s church event software ensures everyone knows about upcoming events. Create Custom Calendars to share across Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook seamlessly. Empower staff to share and showcase group and registration events on your church’s website.

Registration - Church Event Registration Software

Stop counting heads.

Give your church the ability to register for the events they plan to attend with Realm as your church event registration software. You can get an anticipated headcount, know better how to plan, capture additional registrant information, collect payments, and more.

Online Event Registration for Your Church
Accept Payment for Church Events with Realm's Online System


Accept payments online.

Collect payment for events such as camps, retreats, kids’ programs, and more. You can offer partial payments, track balances, require deposits, and enter payment details for any offline transactions.

Recurring Events

Same time. Same place.

Using Realm as your church event scheduling software, easily set up recurring events for small groups, elder teams, boards, staff, and more. Recurring meetings are displayed with your group’s details and show up in your personalized church events screen.

Set Up Recurring Events Through Event Management Software
People Can RSVP with Comments Using Realm's Event Management System


Make your presence known.

Give people the opportunity to let others know whether or not they will be there. As people respond, they can also sign up to bring things, add guests, reply to comments, or add the event to their phone’s calendar.

What to Bring - Church event planning software

Coordinate who is bringing what.

Planning is easier with Realm as your church event planning software. Organize what items people can sign up to bring to your next event. You can set the quantity of items you need and let people choose what and how many they want to bring.

Coordinate Who is Bringing What to Your Church Events
Communicate with Event Registrants Anytime with Realm's Church Event Management System

Contact Lists

Follow up with registrants anytime.

Whether you want to send communication prior to an event or after it, you can look up an event’s registrant list to email individuals or send something to everyone. You can also print the list any time.

Custom Questions

Capture information prior to events.

Sometimes you need to know something about the people who’ll be at your event such as t-shirt size or meal preference. Realm helps you gather the information you need using custom registration form questions.

Use Customized Questions to Capture Necessary Informaiton Prior to Events

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