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Swimming Out To the Deep End

In case you aren’t aware our summers down here in SC are hot, hot, hot.   In the middle of July and August it’s so hot and muggy that you can break a sweat walking to the mailbox.   We have days that start out with 88 degrees and by mid-afternoon the heat index can easily reach 114 degrees.   I think my sister states it best.   On a day like this, you have two options….stay inside or stay in the pool.   Honestly, I enjoy the stay in the pool days.   My nephews enjoy the stay in the pool days too.    They are forever jumping in and out, but they tend to stay in the shallow end of the pool…they are just a little afraid of the deep end.   You can tell this by how they hang on to you with every fiber of their being and every so often say things like…”take me back to the steps”.   They are completely carefree and happy in the shallow water but feel uncertain treading out into the deep abyss of the pool.
One of my nephews is learning how to swim and this Sunday he mastered swimming under water.   Basically, we made a game out of him swimming after some diving toys.   At first, he needed to hold my hand while under water,   after a little while he just needed me close by (his personal security blanket), before long he was zipping along under water in the deep end with little regard to where I might be.
As I was thinking about how very proud I am of him, I realized this is very good description of how we approach software.    We sometimes play in the shallow end of the pool because we feel safe and secure.   When we venture out, we’re anxious and need a security blanket.  Once we finally dive in, we’re happy with the results and very proud of ourselves and what we’ve learned along the way.     Part of my job is to make your ACS software experience less anxious.   To give you the chance to fall in love with what our software can offer so that you can swim in the deep end of the pool and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
Let me know areas of ACS that you feel need less anxiousness.   I’d love to talk to you about what you want for your ministries to thrive.


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