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Thanksgiving in Research and Development

The Research and Development Department (which I am a part of), stays quite busy designing, planning, coding, researching, testing, and writing all of the many updates to the many ACS Technologies products.  Even if the floor might be a bit quiet at times, there is a lot going on!  Yesterday, we all gathered for a Thanksgiving lunch.  We are a “work family”, and we always celebrate this holiday together.  We do a potluck lunch everyear, and this year we embraced technology by using to organize our meal.  It was great, everyone could sign up for what they were bringing from their desks and make sure we had everything covered.
As part of the Thanksgiving celebration, we had a canned food drive for a local organization.  To kick it up a notch, it became a competition – Clemson vs USC.  For those of you not from SC (as myself), I have learned that everyone around here tends to pull for one school or the other – very strongly.  Maybe they didn’t attend there, but you can be a hardcore fan.  We had one office that was decorated and to be filled with canned goods for Clemson and the other was for USC.  Each day, there was a weighing.  The final tally came in with a victory for Clemson.  The real winner though was our charity.  We are donating around 1,000 lbs of food!
As we gathered together for lunch to review the food drive as well as say thanks for the meal together, we went around the room so folks could say things they were thankful for.  There were babies, marriages, and family.  There was also much thanks for our jobs, ability for job growth, and work environment.  We are thankful to be a part of this company.

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