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The 10 Most Important Church Resolutions For 2016

The new year is nearly upon us and with it comes the pledge for resolutions. Here are the “The 10 Most Important Church Resolutions for 2016.”

1) Be a church where all political parties are welcome. It’s an election year, but don’t let the race for president become bigger in your eyes than the Kingdom of God.
2) Reconciliation. There’s no hurt like a church hurt. May we forgive others like He’s forgiven us.
3) Get Healthy. Eat better. Get your body moving. Stay strong for the work that He has called you to do.
4) Let It Go. End a ministry program that is draining resources without providing results.
5) Learn Something. Encourage your leaders to walk through a book study or video series that challenges and inspires them.
6) Take Time Off. Teach people and release people to dial down and disengage from their rushed and hurried lives and tune into God.
7) Get Out Of Debt. Make fiscal responsibility a priority, and design a plan to pay off any unpaid debts.
8) Give More. Be a people and a ministry who gives. Support church plants, missionaries, or parachurch organizations with your time and money.
9) Recognize And Raise Up New Leaders. Find those people in your midst God has called to lead. Don’t just recruit people to serve. Train people to lead by providing the knowledge and experience they need to grow.
10) Release Your Leaders. Let the people who are ready to lead go and do so. Get out of their way and let them do the things God has called them to do.

Are there more you’d add? If so, leave them in the comments section below.

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