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The Best Kind of Surprises

ACS Technologies is headquartered in Florence, SC, where I live. I grew up in Texas, though. I adore much of living in South Carolina but it is hard to have children so far away from my parents, though.
I remember once as a child hearing a friend tell my Dad, “you’ll never regret a trip you take to see your parents”. That advice was on my heart, so I decided to take my children, ages 4 and 4 1/2 months, on a cross country adventure to see my parents. In college (also in SC), my dad came out to surprise me more than once.
I’d walk in to the dining hall, and there he was sitting at a table to take me out to dinner. So, it was time to return the favor – a surprise visit for Father’s Day!
We made the two flights and the two and a half hour car drive, just in time to get to his office. The look of surprise and joy on his face made all the effort worthwhile. He thought it was just another ordinary day – he had no idea what was literally around the corner.
At ACS, we have had a busy summer with many updates to our software. ACS released version 11.0 (including a major update to Contributions), Access ACS had an August update (with lots of great enhancements, especially with Online Giving functionality), and Headmaster had the 10.7 update. You may be going about your daily business and not even realize the great features that are just around the corner for you!
Take a moment and explore. Click a new button, review the release notes, read a guide. Your life and that of your ministry may become more exciting because of something that is there that you just didn’t know about!

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