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The Man Behind the Scenes

You know him. He is the person that shows up early, sets things up, disappears and reappears when it is time to break down. He does the driving, the errands, the little things that are needed to make something successful. Never asking for or receiving any recognition for the work he does.  He is the man behind the scenes making it all happen.
Last week ACS Technologies lost such a person: Jim Wilmeth. Jim was part of a two person team with his wife Jeanette that trained thousands of churches on ACS. Jeanette was the trainer and Jim was her one man support team. They traveled the country in their motor home going from church to church helping to get ACS started.
They would even set a schedule where Jeanette would train churches on back to back days with Jim driving through the night to get to the next destination. For part of their tenure with ACS, Jim and Jeanette were actually homeless. They were on the road so much; they sold their house in McKinney, Texas to be free to move around the country.
If you ever attended an ACS Convention, you might have caught a glimpse of Jim working in the background setting up rooms and moving in extra chairs when needed. Even though Jim was never an ACS employee, we learned to treat him as one. Even to the point of having him wear an ACS convention staff shirt and recognizing both Jim and Jeanette when Jeanette retired in 2006.
Jim passed away last week and will be missed by all of the ACS family.

6 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Scenes”

  1. Avatar for Deanna Wilmeth Blackwell*

    *Deanna – Youngest daughter of Jim
    Thank You, All ACS Employees for the JOY you brought to Jeanette & Jim’s life! And, as much as it hurts me (and ALL our friends & family) to say good bye to his earthly body, we all know that he would say “ooh good grief! you all know better than this! This idn’t ME. I’m dancing with joy the jig with & of Jesus in heaven!”
    Love to all,
    Dee Wilmeth Blackwell

  2. Avatar for Pamela Jacobson

    I have known Jim for most of my 12 years here at ACS and had the opportunity to either meet with him or attend a convention with him on several occasions. He was a joy to be around. When he wasn’t working hard setting up the convention or tearing down the convention he was smiling and greeting people with a professional kindness unlike no other. I certainly will miss you, Jim!

  3. Avatar for Caren F. Gunnell

    Jeanette and Jim did a training in Rock Hill, SC years ago at First Baptist Church. They were here all week and we were blessed to get to know and love them. He entertained us all with some “tricks” with pencils and such, and we enjoyed his company very much! I am so very sorry to hear this news.
    Jeanette and family, may the Lord give you His comfort in your great loss. May He sustain you and provide for your needs with the love of friends, and clear, vivid memories to kep your hearts smiling until you see him again.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  4. Avatar for Peggy Price

    Our sincere condolences to Jeanette and family at the loss of Jim. We have been using ACS at our church for 25 years. I recall seeing him doing the work you mentioned at training sessions, ACS conferences, and state secretary conferences. He was a faithful servant. Thank you for publishing the loving tribute.
    Bethesda Baptist Church Burleson, TX

  5. Avatar for David Childers

    Jeanette gave me my first certification test to become a trainer in 2001. I have always respected her knowledge, friendship, and kindness through the years. Her husband Jim was a worker bee for ACS @ conventions beyond words. If you needed it, Jim took care of it. If you had a couple of minutes, he would pull out his “hooey stick” and entertain you with that great smile and a kind word. These two traveling companions have been a staple and important part of ACS through the years!
    Jim, heaven is blessed with your always “get it done” attitude, your gracious smile, and your hooey stick! Heaven’s gain is our loss but the memories will be forever! THANKS

  6. Avatar for Michael McBride

    Just wanted to say that in 5 years working at ACS I met Mr. wilmeth only a few times. It has been 7 years since I left ACS but I instantly remembered him and how nice a guy he was. That is the impact he had on those around him while Mr. wilmeth worked. Truly one of the nicest people I’ve met.

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