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The Space That Counts

woman taking notes from bible

The most important time in our life is when we spend with the Lord getting to know Him and talking with him. Often we escape this time due to busy schedules, being overworked and exhausted, and even just pure laziness or distraction. Having a dedicated place and time to meet daily with the Lord will help further consistency in our walk with Christ. 

What does your space look like, and when do you plan to spend time with God daily? Knowing the answers to these questions sets you up for success in being devoted to your time with God. 

If possible, choose a space that is quiet, free of clutter and distraction, and comfortable. Fill that space with all your necessary tools to help you grow in your walk with God. You’ll need your Bible for sure, and if you enjoy journaling, be sure to bring along your journal and some pens. 

Also, choose a time of day that best fits your schedule for you to remain consistent. Reading the Bible and praying aren’t always going to fall right into our schedule as we wish they would; however, if we set a time (and place) to meet with God daily, we are more likely to keep that goal rather than not.

Achieving Your Goals

Pray More, Worry Less

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