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Through Rain, Sleet, or Snow…

If you don’t live in the Carolinas, you may not know about all the “winter weather” we have experienced the past few days. Yesterday, our offices were closed and we were able to spend the day with family building snowmen, throwing snowballs, making delicious “snowcream,” and all the other wonderful things that we don’t normally get to enjoy on a winter’s day here.

That all has been quickly replaced with ice on our cars, roads, parking lots, rooftops, and just about everywhere! If you want a good laugh, try to find a nice spot with an unobstructed view to watch cars go sliding by on a busy street here.

Our comfort level with driving in these conditions is a lot like Joe Pesci’s attempt at eating grits in the movie My Cousin Vinny. It’s unfamiliar territory, to say the least.

But you know, little things like defrosting the car prior to leaving, shoveling the driveway, scraping ice off of a windshield with an actual ice-scraping tool (and not a coffee cup), learning how to properly brake and not over-steer, all go a long way in safe travel.

Unfortunately, there are drivers that won’t bother with any of that and will take their chances against the elements. In other words… watch out!

Such highly-intelligent and thoughtful people remind me of how many churches view technology… they’re lost, scared, confused, careless, and stubborn! They will push through by doing things the same old way (because that’s all they know) and may very well arrive at their destination (goals) in one piece. However, they could have gotten there a lot faster and easier.

This is where we learn why something like “church software” is not just about being “trendy” or “getting with the times”, but instead looking at it as a better way to do ministry! Imagine if places of worship everywhere utilized the tools that were offered to them, how much more effective and better stewards of their resources they would be.

It’s easy to paint this thought as “idealistic,” but it’s completely reasonable to achieve if churches just know the reasons why they should be better prepared.

Let’s say we’re talking about child security. Some churches, regardless of congregation size and budget, have yet to put into place the proper measures to protect themselves and their families from harm and legal action. We often ignore the issue for too long, before it becomes too late!

Similar to the snow and ice… just because we hardly ever see that kind of weather in our neck of the woods doesn’t mean it can’t happen. The excuses for your church not being ready: time, money, staffing, learning curve, etc. never outweigh the consequences or the potential results it would see.

Before you think you have to throw out everything you know and start over, look at it this way: it’s all about the old saying of “working smarter, not harder”. Taking the right steps (not always the hardest ones) can make all the difference! We should be ready and willing to devote our attention to what we’re called to do: serve God by serving His children and doing that the best, most effective way we can.

We have to explore every option, tool, and method that is available to us. Anything less could be considered both foolishness and laziness! Last time I checked, The Bible doesn’t say nice things about either one.

Ask yourself the hard questions:

1) What is your ministry unprepared for?
2) What is it doing now that could be done better?
3) What steps do you need to take, big or small, to make a greater impact in your community?

All of these should be on our minds if we truly value what we’re doing for God’s Kingdom!

So don’t pass this opportunity by to grow, learn, and be ready… not just for the “next time”, but at anytime: through rain, sleet, or even snow.

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