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Blog » Tips for Building your Church’s Facebook Page

Tips for Building your Church’s Facebook Page

Advertising is so important for successful businesses today.  Name recognition and showcasing your services goes a long way in helping one grow a company.  The same concept is also true for the church. Although not a business, it is an organization that depends upon the faithfulness of its members and must be aware of the importance of drawing new people to its worship services.

As churches embrace this idea of sharing with the world who they are through websites and social media, the biggest opportunity rests with a company that reaches almost 1.7 billion people on the planet.  That’s right – Facebook.  Most people in your community have a Facebook account and check it daily.  The first place to begin is to have someone on your staff or in your membership to create a Facebook account for your church.  This is free of charge and will open the door to social media and hopefully be a source to connect with your members and their friends.  If you already have a church Facebook page, then perhaps this is a time to give it a fresh look and a makeover.  Hopefully, you see the potential of where this can go.  Here are some ideas to consider for your church Facebook page:

1) Have someone on your staff or a dedicated layperson update your Facebook account regularly. A static page will not attract users or get many likes from your followers.

2) Use ads to promote your church including worship services and special events to increase attendance.  Definitely use the free ads, but also consider spending some budget money for the paid ads for increased visibility.

3) Promote what you are doing on Facebook and have all of your members like your page which will help your connect to all of their friends. This is a powerful tool, which can exponentially expose your activities to many more people in your community.

4) The power of Facebook has proven to bring many people together from all over the world with similar interests. Don’t underestimate it – Facebook can connect people to your church.  Give your advertising some time to take effect in your community.

5) Keep your church Facebook pages clean and upbeat.  Make sure to upload pictures of events and church happenings that are truly representative of who you really are as a church.  Have members who are actively involved write reviews on your page.

At the end of the day, Facebook is a serious advertising tool for your ministry. If used properly, it can really help you engage your community in a very positive way.  The outreach potential is tremendous as you connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of people on a regular basis sharing who you are and why they need to check out your church. Good luck in this endeavor as you spread the Good News of what God is doing through your ministry using Facebook!

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