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Untangling Your Website

Frequently Asked Stewardship Questions

Websites are the front door to your church community and what your church has to offer. Is your website inviting and helpful? Or is it jumbled up with a bunch of information that does not help your visitors connect? Here’s ten things your website’s home page needs during a pandemic so your guests can find the answers to their questions and know what to expect. 

1. Latest Sermon. By offering the latest sermon on your home page, you are inviting guests to partake in hearing the gospel at their fingertips. This also allows them to witness the style of preaching, teaching, and communication from your pastor and core leadership. 

2. Vision Statement. The vision statement on your home page allows viewers and guests to immediately know the mission of your church. 

3. Location. Let guests know where you are located or hyperlink to a subpage if you have multiple campuses. 

4. Times of Service. Let guests know the times of your services (in-person and/or online) or hyperlink to a subpage with more info or for multiple campus times. 

5. COVID-19 Latest Updates. Most every church has a COVID-19 plan in place. Hyperlink a subpage so your guests will know exactly what to expect when attending services at your church. Be sure to include information about in-person worship as well as online worship. 

6. Online Giving Option. Some people watch your services online and never attend an in-person worship experience. They may want to support your church financially as well. Make this an easy option for your guests to navigate.

7. How to connect. Most people viewing your website are interested in what your church has to offer. Have a clear, easy-to-navigate connection point that sends viewers to all the fun and exciting things your church is offering (i.e. Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Events, etc.). This might also be known as a “New Here” option. 

 8. Prayer Request Form. Many people are in desperate need of prayer, but don’t know how to ask for prayer. Having a form on your home page allows people to request prayer with one click of a button. 

9. Contact Info or Link. Contact info should always be easy to find and can usually be found at the bottom of most pages of your website, especially your home page or a hyperlinked contact page. 

10. Important Initiatives or Seasonal Info. An example of this would be the Christmas season. During this season, most churches offer a subpage dedicated to this event(s) that holds information regarding everything you need to know. Linking this to your home page is important for you guests to easily navigate your site. 

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