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Why Your Church Needs PR

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We are innodated with PR from hundreds of companies every day. They do it for the same reason your church should be doing it. It can help your church build a positive image. It will engage your community. And it gives your members a sense of belonging to something that is having an impact.

What does Church PR look like?

Community Events

  • Having events for your community is a great way to make a positive impact!
    • Hold a blood drive or health fair.
    • Collect items for charity (coats, food, toys).
    • Have educational workshops (new mothers, financial wellness, or other topics relevant to your neighborhood or members).
  • Holding these types of events shows your church’s commitment to serving.


  • You may already have a newsletter or bulletin for your members. Be sure you’re using it for the most impact!
  • Keep members informed of events and activities within your church
  • Provide a monthly calendar insert that they can post at home.
    • Share calendar events with media outlets to get the community involved.

Website and Social Presence

  • One way to keep your website fresh is continually updating it with information about your mission, events, and community involvement.
    • Sharing info on your site is an easy way for potential visitors to see how active your church is.
    • Show how you’re supporting your mission.
    • Remember to keep all contact information current (name, phone number, and email) so people and media can connect and be informed.
  • An active social media presence can also engage your community.
    • Inspirational messages, event updates, and photos of donations, baptisms, volunteer opportunities, and other fun church activities will shine a positive light on your church.


  • Establish relationships with local media outlets. (You may have members that are part of these organizations.)
  • Invite media to significant events, service projects, and other unique initiatives.


  • Share success stories of members who your church has positively impacted.
  • Be sure to offer them in varied formats (stories, photos, videos, interviews) to increase exposure.


  • Work with local non-profits, businesses, or schools on collaborative projects.
  • Partnering and giving back increases your church’s visibility and shows your commitment to the community.
  • Be sure you know what your community needs to make a big impact!


  • Volunteer opportunities encourage members to participate in community service projects. 
  • Giving and serving impact members, the church, and the community positively.

Crisis Communication Plan

  • Having a plan in case of a crisis is critical. In the unfortunate event of something occurring, you won’t have to waste precious time determining what needs to happen.
  • Addressing issues transparently in an emergency can help maintain trust within your community.

Consistency in communication and a genuine commitment to community service are essential elements of success for every church and its public relations. Be sure to read “Get Your Press Release Published!” for help writing your releases and getting the attention of media organizations.

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